I’ve spent my years since 1990 in various marketing and general management roles in professional sports (San Jose Sharks, San Jose Rhinos), digital media (Imagine Radio), online music (MTV Interactive) , e-commerce (eBay), social media/local (Yelp).

I love online consumer stuff, both as a customer myself, and especially as a business guy.

I live in Redwood City, California.

Yes, that is a closeup of my eye. Gross, huh.

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Need an Estate Plan? I know someone who knows someone…


One response to “About

  1. Radar

    My name is Radar Kooyman I am a recruiter. I wanted to see if you might know someone who would be a fit that you could refer to me for a position I am recruiting for. It is a VP of Product Marketing position. I saw some information of yours in LinkedIn. Please take a look at the position and let me know if you could refer someone of if you might be interested as well?
    Radar Kooyman
    Eaglerock Recruiting

    VP Product Marketing

    Summary of the Role:

    The VP of Product Marketing will develop and oversee world class product marketing programs to increase overall user growth, engagement, retention and monetization. In addition, this position will oversee new monetization and advertising programs across our product platform, corporate communications, marketing, and the company’s privacy policy.

    The VP of Product Marketing will complement the Product Management group — Product Management will champion the user value proposition, and Product Marketing will have the mandate of increasing enterprise value. This person reports directly to the CEO.


    1. Overall responsibility for the vision, strategy, and execution of:

    a. Retention, user acquisition, engagement and all user communication programs

    b. Aligning monetization and advertising programs with product strategy

    2. Own and manage the company’s analytics platform and manage to executive KPI’s, making sound business decisions with appropriate use of data

    3. Create the company’s CRM strategy, using email and other channels to re-engage users

    4. Own corporate communications, public relations and marketing

    5. Work closely with Product Management, Sales and Business Development to ensure business goals are aligned with product strategy

    6. Build and manage a team to execute Product Marketing mandates

    Key Requirements:

    1. 5-10 years of professional experience at successful Internet companies in Internet marketing and product roles

    2. “Gets” working in an early stage startup environment

    3. Strong ability to oversee and execute marketing and monetization programs

    4. Highly reference able background with track record of impressive successes

    5. Academic background from a top-tier university

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