Some overall key principles to keep in mind in regard to endorsement marketing.

  1. ENGINE. Start with bringing a remarkably great product to market. Don’t bother with good. Product is the engine.
  2. FUEL. Take advantage of your zealots and turn them into megaphones (while truly understanding their motivation in doing so). Endorsements are the fuel.
  3. IGNITION. Figure out authentic ways to ignite your fuel.
  4. PERFORMANCE. Keep yourself honest and diligently track your Net Promoter Score.

God, it all sounds so obvious and straight-forward. If only it were so easy.

Good luck, and let me know your thoughts, feedback, reactions, and ideas for igniting endorsers with comments on those pages.

And forward these pages to a friend! I’d appreciate the endorsement.



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2 responses to “Conclusion

  1. Brad, we should have met for coffee more often. Great stuff!

  2. teymour

    You have this very well thought out. The big issue I have with Endorsement Marketing, is how to filter out the garbage. I think there are very significant opportunities in filtering out the “placed endorsements” as well as the endorsements from people you do not care about. Keep this up. This is a trend in 21st century marketing.

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